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Starting in the 1870s, the first large scale commercial planting of the blue gum eucalyptus (E. Globulus) began. The blue gum, a mid sized eucalyptus reaching around 150 to over 200 feet tall, is the most common eucalyptus in California. Home values have been growing at a 5 percent annual rate since the beginning of the year. The most recent income data released by the Censusiii shows incomes rising by 5.2 percent, which is good news for those looking to break into the housing market. For the first time since 2011, incomes have been appreciating faster than home values..

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I give out 15 or so Valentines to the girls in my class, and I get back four. Meanwhile, my best friend was getting them from girls in other classes, some of whom were older than us. I really wasn hurt by that then (in those days, I still thought girls had cooties), but thinking about it now..

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Stacy Brooks, an administrative assistant as Cal State San Bernardino, stands with a pile of donated teddy bears on Tuesday at CSUSB. Brooks and the psychology club hope to collect more than 500 Teddy Bears to give to the North Park Elementary School students when they return to class next week. They aim to give each of the more than 500 students at North Park Elementary School one of the cuddly critters..

Finally, for those hankering to take home a piece of the Pinelands there is Buzby’s Chatsworth General Store, a quaint emporium of everything Pine Barrens run by R. Marilyn Schmidt. The store, which dates to 1865, sells history, folklore and nature books on the Pine Barrens, including some written by Schmidt herself, as well as Bog Beans (chocolate covered cranberries) and wooden footprints of the mystical Jersey Devil..

During D Day, this area was a submerged swamp, and the La Fiere bridge was one of two main access points to Cherbourg, the only deep water port in the area. The bridge was deemed critical, and American troops were sent to take control of the bridge and defend it at all costs. They did..

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In this Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 photo, Candy Murray Abbott, left, and Tammie Norris hold a sign made by Norris that shows a pair of angel’s wings with the names of youths who have died from drug abuse in Hamilton, Ohio. The two mothers, who both have a child that is a recovering addict, formed a group called Heroin Control in Hamilton.

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