Poetry Book: Slow Down to Mine

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This book is a collection of performance poetry, both rhyming verse (Part I) and free verse (Part II), and in keeping with the ‘coffee table’ nature of the book it also includes snippets from my travel journals.

The book has been assembled, almost reluctantly, as this poetry has been written for an audience, for the stage, and committing it to the page feels a little like giving away the show, like having a stand-up comedian publish his/her routine, when it relies on performance to bring it to life.

So please feel free to read it aloud, even if only to the dog.

The lure of poetry is surely that whenever the world becomes too much, we can resort to a liberating form of writing which isn’t bound by trivialities such as evidence, logic, facts and correctness, but where answers can be found in the worlds of imagination, whimsy, daydreams and nonsense.

All the best,

Laurie, Jimbo and Merkyl.

Buy Now $20 AUD (including shipping)