Poetry Book: Slow Down to Mine

Buy Now $20 AUD (including shipping) INTRODUCTION This book is a collection of performance poetry, both rhyming verse (Part I) and free verse (Part II), and in keeping with the ‘coffee table’ nature of the book it also includes snippets from my travel journals. The book has been assembled, almost reluctantly, as this poetry has … Read more

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The next way we treat milk is with homogenization. This is not for safety concerns but merely for desired consistency. In its natural state, milk is composed of fat and water. “It is one of the few things a family can do together,” she said. “Parents and kids can both enjoy the sport. Really, anyone … Read more

sights on finishing first

Leipheimer, 33, kicked off last year’s inaugural Tour of California by winning the prologue, a 1.9 mile course in San Francisco, and then set his sights on finishing first in the next stage which ended in Santa Rosa. Making the turn into the final circuit, riders in jerseys of emerald green, sherbet orange and scarlet … Read more

elitist Liberals

Entering the field is another amazing sight with the full stadium and so much electricity in the air. While walking around the field, my field judge and I talk to a couple little girls who are with their mom. It so happens she is Commissioner Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner, who you may have seen on … Read more

steaming tom yum soup

By 2016, six years after the president’s wife agitated for federal guidelines limiting sodium, sugar, fats and calories in school lunches, 1.4 million students had exited the National School Lunch Program, and students had a robust black market in salt and sugar. A tweet with the hashtag ThanksMichelleObama said, “The first lady can have a … Read more

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She leaves her best friend and husband of 47 years, James T. O’Brien, Jr.; her six children, James T. O’Brien III, of Dunellen, N. One of the few testosterone boosters on the market to feature Eurycoma Longifolia, a patented ingredient that was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction … Read more

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Enfin, tant donn que l de recruteurs pros est suprieure celle du recrutement amateur, je crois que le CH doit commencer changer ses joueurs qui ont le plus de valeurs pour aller chercher de la profondeur, c dire du jeune talent. Pacioretty, Price, Weber, Galchenyuk puisque le mandat de Bergevin est de faire les sries, … Read more

celebration of Holi

Education is a great way for him to get a good job and to earn for his own. Thus, getting education from preschool to elementary is the first step in obtaining goo education. You are responsible to make sure that your child is comfortable enough at school that would help them to develop their abilities … Read more

asleep and that all

Analysts said loss of outside power, which is necessary to keep nuclear cores and spent fuel cool, would test adjustments being made at the plants after an earthquake triggered tsunami led to radiation releases at the Fukushima Dai Ichi plant in 2011. The Tokyo Electric Power Co. Plant lost off site power and backup generators … Read more

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It’s because this is a win now game and the owners are to blame. Their impatience with coaches has given license to the fans and media to act in kind. Everybody wants to win now. If there anything that has so much meaning to me, its Aozu songs. They. Hell! Right now Don Look Back … Read more

agencies to educate

He and other leaders of New Jersey’s Muslim community met with FBI and other law enforcement agencies to educate them on Islam and Muslim culture. He helped arrange a job fair at a mosque in which the agencies recruited Muslims for law enforcement jobs. At the time, none of the more than 300 FBI agents … Read more